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Tech Outsiders is a social enterprise based in WA that is raising awareness of all the cool people we have working in Tech who are outside the industry stereotype of the “straight white male”.

The most common response we hear to the complaint that “All the Speakers at the Conference are men!” or “All the Award Nominees are male.” is that there were “No known female candidates”.

It is our mission to solve that problem by highlighting all of the marvellous talent the Tech Industry has outside of the default.   We would love you to be part of the list of profiles we are building, just click on the links below and fill in as much as you can.  There is no minimum qualification or experience level – in fact new and unknown is just as appealing to us, as our goal is to highlight talent at every level.

Go to the Profiles Menu and start browsing through the wonderful people working in Tech, contact them via their social media.

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