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Profile Blurb:

After ties to the WA videogame industry since the mid-2000s, Vee Pendergrast co-founded Stirfire Studios in 2010. Vee has commerce degree and over 13 years experience in technology go-to-market from the mobile telecommunications sector having worked in and around every major telco in Australia, a mobile phone manufacturer and as a state manager for a telecom logistics company.

Vee’s passion in life has always been games and has loved games as medium since the age of four, so a career in games was always going to happen at some point. Vee has had experience designing tabletop games but works more in a support role as Managing Director for Stirfire. Vee’s philosophy is that the videogame is the medium of delivery and the game mechanics, story and content is the point of the exercise- the technology is just the facilitator.

Vee is currently involved in major capital raising to grow Stirfire Studios and tackle larger projects as well as the final stages of bringing their current title in production, Symphony of the Machine to market.


I am a tasteful creature who could never get the hang of Thursdays.

Speaking Experience & Aspirations:

Professional Speaker (I have been paid for speaking at events), Frequent Public Speaker, Frequent Panelist, Small Speaking events (Less than 50 attendees), Medium Speaking events (50-200), Large Speaking events (201-2000), Internal Meeting Presentations, I would be interested in being contacted about being on a panel.

Keynote Topics:

  • Careers in videogames,
  • Business and Financing of Game Companies,
  • Gender and Diversity in the Workplace


I would like to be a mentor to others




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