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An educator, science communicator and video game enthusiast. Megan Pusey has worked in science museums and children’s museums communicating complex ideas through exhibits, hands-on activities, magazine articles and live action science shows.  Megan is a big proponent of digital game-based learning (in other words using video games in the classroom). So far she has managed to sneak Portal 2, Universe Sandbox, Minecraft Edu, Osmos and Contraption Maker into her science lessons.  Megan is also passionate about the use of any technology in the classroom and making learning more relevant for the 21st century.

Quote to Live By:

Sneaking science into unusual places

Speaking Experience/Preferences:

Frequent Public Speaker, Small Speaking events (Less than 50 attendees), Medium Speaking events (50-200), Discussion Groups, Internal Meeting Presentations, I would be interested in being contacted about Speaking at Events, I do Workshops, I deliver Training, I would be interested in being contacted about being on a panel.

  • Co-host on the popular ‘Videogames… for SCIENCE!’ panel at PAX Aus in Melbourne.
  • Have presented at the Future Science Conference (Perth), ECAWA State Conference.
  • Previously published articles in the children’s science magazine ‘Double Helix’.
  • Previously published articles for Cosmos online.


  • Game-based Learning
  • Science Communication/Education
  • Technology in Education


I would like to be a mentor to others, I would like to find a mentor

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