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Profile Blurb:

After working in business development and marketing in Perth whilst completing my Commerce degree in 2001, I was awarded 1 of 5 global internships through the International Advertising Association to New York, where I worked at BBDO. I took some time off after this travelling through the US, Canada, Europe and Central America and then moved to London. I worked here  in marketing for Reed Exhibitions, managing major accounts, and eventually transitioned back to  Sydney with Reed.
I returned to Perth and worked for an engineering company managing marketing, and moved to Thailand when their head office relocated. I took over HR management for Thailand, Singapore  and Indonesia.
I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, it was in Thailand I could see the impacts of climate  change and felt compelled to make a difference. I went through a career shift, returning to  university to complete a Masters of Science (2010) and PhD (2014), through which I developed an  industry tool targeting commercial building performance improvements.

Through the PhD I discovered the linear nature of the construction industry. Buildings were  designed and delivered with limited feedback loops. In addition whilst assessing buildings during  my PhD I saw some terrible spaces that are not designed or maintained with consideration to  human needs. I believe there is so much potential to create healthier, more vibrant spaces.

Passionate about linking academic research and practice, I co-founded consultancy SimplyCarbon  in 2011 and recently Rate My Space. I am joining 77 other women from around the world in 2016 on a leadership bootcamp in Antarctica aimed at closing the leadership gap for women in STEM.

Speaking Experience/Aspirations:

Frequent Public Speaker, Frequent Panelist, Small Speaking events (Less than 50 attendees), Medium Speaking events (50-200), Toastmasters (or equivalent), Large Speaking events (201-2000), Discussion Groups, Internal Meeting Presentations, I would be interested in being contacted about Speaking at Events, I do Keynotes, I do Workshops, I would be interested in being contacted about being on a panel.

I have spoken at events previously – young water professionals, professional environmental women’s association, conferences
I blog through LinkedIn and the Rate My Space website and for the online publication Sourceable

Keynote Topics:

Wellbeing and the physical environment
Environment and sustainability
Women in leadership and entrepreneurship


I would like to be a mentor to others and I would like to find a mentor

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