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Ella Ganfield

Profile Blurb:

Ella Ganfield launched her Perth based nanny agency, Gecko Steps, at the end of 2014, focusing on the three core values of supporting the children’s individual interests, positive wellbeing and educational development. Recognising educational development as a key area of importance, she then launched Geckos Discover, which is a technology program focused on teaching primary and high school students coding and programming skills. Through the school workshops, the program teaches project based learning to encourage the students to apply their knowledge to investigate how they can use technology to solve world issues. Ella’s passion for youth development has seen her serve as the 2013 World Vision Youth Ambassador for WA and act as the COO for Teach Learn Grow, a non for profit rural tutoring program.

Quote to Live By:

“Every child deserves a champion. An adult who will never give up on them, who believes in the power of connection and who will insist that they become the best that they can possibly be” — Rita Pierson

Speaking Experience/Aspirations:

Frequent Public Speaker, Frequent Panelist, Small Speaking events (Less than 50 attendees), Medium Speaking events (50-200), Large Speaking events (201-2000), I would be interested in being contacted about Speaking at Events, I do Keynotes, I do Workshops, I deliver Training, I would be interested in being contacted about being on a panel.

I have developed and presented social justice workshops through World Vision & the Salvation Army to over 15,000 high school and primary school students. I have also developed Coding and Programming workshops for high school and primary school students. I have also spoken at business networks and professional learning nights.

Keynote Topics:

1. The importance of coding and programming skills.

2. Fostering student engagement.

3. Benefit of teaching social principles.

Mentoring Experience/Aspirations:

I would like to find a mentor

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