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I love peanut butter, puppies and am not a coffee drinker.

Profile Blurb:

Anna Burchfield wandered off the ‘career path’ before she started on it; she is a little bit of everything.

With a distinct ability to ‘rock a frock’ – this only just falls second her love of Current Affairs and the Digital world. (Both of these fall far behind her love of Doctor Who) Her public and private industry experiences have been characterised by her love of all forms of communication (verbal, written and online) Brand Development, Social Media and Government.

Anna is an Alumni of both Curtin University (B.A, 2011) and the University of Western Australia (M.A, 2013). She interned for 14 months, unpaid, before securing her first job, and into her current role which has more to do with her passions and interests more than her Tertiary Degrees(!)

A distinct advocate for ‘Gen Y’ and their experiences in the workplace and the world, she currently works as a Digital Account Co-ordinator at ALYKA in Subiaco.

She has 9 years working across many industries – Public Relations Consultancy, Image Consultancy and Brand Development, Retail, Digital Media, Marketing Research and Public Affairs.

Quote to Live by:

Nothing good ever happens on low blood-sugar!


Speaking Experience/Aspirations:

Professional Speaker (I have been paid for speaking at events), Frequent Public Speaker, Frequent Panelist, Small Speaking events (Less than 50 attendees), Medium Speaking events (50-200), Toastmasters (or equivalent), Large Speaking events (201-2000), Discussion Groups, Internal Meeting Presentations, I would be interested in being contacted about Speaking at Events, I do Workshops, I deliver Training, I would be interested in being contacted about being on a panel.

This year, Anna is proudly a National ‘Face of Frocktober’ and has fundraised over $5,200 since 2013 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Anna has blogged for 4 years about Australian and Global Politics, Frocktober , Social Media, Gen Y and lessons I have learned on my career journey so far.


  • Generation Y in the workplace
  • Social Media/technology and its impact on branding/mental health
  • Interning, Internships – my experiences, what to expect and how to get them

Mentoring Aspirations:

I am a mentor and would consider mentoring others, I would like to find a mentor


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