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Why Do Girls Stop Loving Tech?

TweetWhen we are kids, girls and boys love the same stuff. They all like getting muddy and splashing in puddles. They colour outside the lines. They climb trees. The scream when they are hungry or tired or have dirty nappies…. Continue Reading →

How Did We End Up With A #Manel ?

TweetRecently an organisation I am part of sent out their social media communications around their annual conference. They asked one of the female strong groups in town if they would share it. The word came back that they would not – because… Continue Reading →

What Can Companies Do To Make Work More Female Friendly?

TweetThe office I work in is outcomes not hours based. It doesn’t matter what time I get in to work or what time I leave. It doesn’t matter if I turn up at all. I could work from home, a… Continue Reading →

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