Entries for the WAITTA Incite Awards 2017 are about to close and so I’ve been getting really excited recently about what we might see from this years Start-Up scene. I see some great top picks from my friends over at Techboard and thought I’d do a little piece on my current favourites.

[Disclosure – I have shamelessly stolen the wordsmithing of other authors to ensure that I accurately describe quite how cool these Companies are.]

Tap into Safety are of course, so glorious it’s hard to just give you the headlines:

After attending the Curtin Ignition program in 2013 Dr Susanne Bahn co-founded Tap into Safety with Geoffrey Bahn.  This husband and wife team bring over 20 years of in-field safety experience and 10 years of research to the business. Tap into Safety is a patented training platform that is used to deliver safety training in a fun and interactive way by combining leading edge research with interactive design.

Susanne says that using the ACS Foundation Scholarship program has been a great help in hiring staff at a lower cost while at the same time offering young people their first start.  Susanne offers great advice for expanding your team in her video interview with Beacham Group who are great advocates and sponsors for the Start-up Community.

Susanne, Geoffrey and the team at Tap into Safety have been recognised as finalists for many awards along their journey.  Susanne continues to engage with the innovation and start-up community to give back and provide guidance and advice whenever she can.

Tap into Safety were recipients of an Accelerating Commercialisation grant which was used to help develop the apps and achieve national and global health and safety improvements. In 2016 Tap Into Safety was a finalist in the WA Innovator of the Year program and were also accepted into the KPMG Energise 2.0 accelerator program for start-ups. They were Incite Awards Finalists in 2016.

I also love, Love, LOVE Course Genius:

Lawyer and co-founder of WA tech start-up CourseGenius Sarah Mateljan has just been named as one of the winners of the prestigious Business News 40Under40 awards.

Sarah is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of educational technology companies LawCPD and CourseGenius – CourseGenius is an all-in-one online learning platform designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, which enables business users to easily develop and deliver bespoke, cost-effective eLearning courses that meet their businesses’ unique training needs.

Sarah brought the CourseGenius learning platform to Afghanistan in 2014 to help an international NGO facilitate localised training. She used the platform to roll out an eLearning pilot program for the NGO’s Leadership School in Kabul during a particularly unstable political period.

In 2008, as a 26-year-old solicitor, Sarah Mateljan started Australia’s first mobile provider of online continual professional development (CPD) courses for lawyers – LawCPD – from her front room.  WA-based company CourseGenius is the scalable evolution of LawCPD’s successful technology – the world’s simplest online training platform, CourseGenius was developed in 2012 to meet the needs of Australian SMEs and allows users to easily create and deliver their own custom online training, either to train their staff or sell to customers, on any device.

After successfully bringing CourseGenius to Afghanistan, Ms Mateljan said the company’s mission is to be the leading cloud-based online learning platform in the world and to make online learning easy, efficient and cost-effective for everyone.

“The experience in Afghanistan taught me it’s possible to build something great even in incredibly difficult circumstances,” Ms Mateljan said.

“I firmly believe that economic development and education have the potential to create stability in countries that currently have none – running these programs showed me how eLearning could be used to allow education to continue successfully in countries experiencing conflict.”

My final top pick would be my good friends at Kinchip:

On the surface, Kindom™ is a mobile and cloud-based parenting hub that empowers parents with a vast collection of advice, resources and tools. But it’s much more than that. The brainchild of Co-Founders Gry Stene and Cath Resnick Kindom™, links health, education and social services with parents to deliver better outcomes for children.

Gry explains: “We have come a long way since the initial trials of Kindom in 2014 when we first realised that we’re really on to something very powerful to support child development” explains Gry. “Because Kindom is a digital platform that could be developed along a number of different pathways, we need to understand where the greatest need is and close those gaps first. The app will provide easily accessed, secure information and enable greater collaboration between parents and professionals.”

“Kindom enables parents to input their child’s specific personal information and store it in a secure place. Drawing on evidence based research and expert knowledge, it will utilise a complex amount of data to paint a comprehensive, useful picture of the child and their unique needs.  This will ensure earlier intervention and be particularly useful to those parents of children with developmental challenges when collaborating with educators and health professionals.”

Kindom have been part of the Springboard Program this year. Springboard is a community of innovator s, influencers and investors that help entrepreneurs build technology-focused companies. Since 2000, Springboard Enterprises has helped over 600 women-led companies around the world grow by leveraging our global peer network of experts who’ve “been there, run that.”

There are so many great start-ups growing in WA – doing amazing things and making loads of money. If you want to get involved in this vibrant community then do join us at Morning Startup  and follow TechBoard – it’s what all the cool kids are doing 🙂